Where Does Marvel Go After Avengers 4? – Collider Mail Bag


On this episode of Collider Mail Bag (September 18th, 2016) Mark Ellis, Mark Reilly and Sinead DeVries discuss the following:

-Should DC Films be its own movie studio like Marvel?

-Lens flares suck. When will they go away?

-Will Marvel ever do the House of M storyline?

-Will there be lightsaber battles in Rogue One?

-Are scream reels in horror marketing campaigns like Blair Witch overused?

-What actor/writer/director would you want to sit down with and talk movies?

-Should Dune be remade into a series of movies based on all the books?

-How do you stop leaks on big budget studio movies?

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Carlos Rodriguez

I'm fine with the lense getting stained with blood only is that blood belongs to the cameraman in the Deadpool sequel.
I'm just imagining an action scene in which the guy behind the camera gets shot, Deadpool barely reacts to the guy, and the camera itself falls to the side. While on the ground, we still see the action, but at an angle, and blood is just on one edge of the screen with a pool of it gathering. And when we switch cameras to continue following the fight, we can still see the cameraman on the ground.

Coolio Ray Curley

I love how Mark E., Mark R. and Sinéad play off each other! Very entertaining and funny. Great job guys!

"This is a safe place." --Mark Ellis. LOL

If Zack Snyder's the reason the DC movies are going down the toilet, then maybe WB should fire him.

During Avengers Infinity War Parts One and Two, they may introduce us to the entire Fantastic 4 team. Mr. Fantastic might appear in the post-credits scenes of Black Panther and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

marvel is going to have a very hard time after infinity war I think. they have cemented these actors in those roles so much

Mark i love that shirt...send the link on where i can pick that up please

I thought he was going to ask do you like having liquids splash on you lol sorry perv moment.

Dimitris Bright

If they ever did a House of M storyline, wouldn't they have to get the rights to Xmen back from Fox? One obstacle at a time people...one obstacle at a time

let the Thanos crush them all.. Silver surfer and Adam Warlock save the Planet and the Universe..

how i wish Marvel manage to gain back X-Men and F4 from Fox.. cant stand seeing Mystique aka Jlaw as a leader of the beloved mutant team.