Sometimes the most heart wrenching and emotional movies in Hollywood draw inspiration from real life stories and events. This is true when it comes to Somali pirates movies, based on the sea robbers off the long coastline of Somalia who have become a nuisance and danger to ships in the indian Ocean.

They are groups or cartels who live by their own set of rules and answer to no powers aside from themselves. Found predominantly in the coastal waters of East and Horn of Africa, Somali Pirates have earned a gruesome reputation for being savages of their maritime zone making that part of the Indian Ocean the most dangerous for ships in the world today- heavy vessels carrying a lot of carga are especially inviting for them. certainly, the pirates have made their coastline out of bounds for visiting ships and no port for mooring.

Five such extremely poignant Somali pirates movies based on coastal piracy are as follows:-

Captain Phillips: The movie is an adaptation of the traumatic experience borne by skipper Richard Phillips aboard American freight vessel ‘Maersk Alabama.’ Released in the October of 2013, legendary Hollywood actor Tom Hanks plays the leading role of skipper Richard Phillips. Directed by Paul Greengrass with screenplay written by Billy Ray and Richard Phillips himself, Captain Phillips’ story is based on the book penned by Richard Phillips ‘A Captain’s Duty’ after his freedom from the captivity of the Somali pirates.

A Hijacking:  This Danish movie was released in 2012. The plot primarily revolves around the hijacking of a Danish freight ship by the Somali Pirates. The screenplay of the negotiations that follow between the pirates and the owner of the shipping conglomerate is what makes it captivating. The interaction between the two parties makes for an interesting and intense drama outplay.


Fishing without Nets: This movie is unique in itself because it tells the Pirate’s side of the story. It is an emotionally harrowing narrative that won itself a lot of accolades and awards in quite a few international film festivals. That includes the ‘Grand Jury Award’ in the premier ‘Sundance Film Festival’ in the year 2012. The plot delves into the life of the burdening struggles that Somali fisher-folk are subject to that force them to turn to sea piracy with no other alternative recourses available to them to survive in the harsh world.

The Project: Is a docudrama created by renowned American journalist Adam Ciralsky. This Somali pirate’s tale is an exhilarating account of a heavily equipped gang that deals with rescue missions involving the Somali sea robbers. It’s a vivid and captivating representation of the escalating problems of Somali Pirates that plague the entire global shipping world. It showcases measures that have been taken to counter the same problem effectively. The movie has been presented in several important film festivals and garnered overwhelming responses from the audiences.

Stolen Seas: Released in 2012, the Stolen Seas portrays a different picture regarding the Somali piracy issue. The movie plot tells the story of a Danish Freight taken hostage by Somali Pirates. Anarchy and pathos faced by the translator of the Somalia pirates caught in his own troubles also add to the movie’s excellent screenplay and sense of direction. It is a must-watch movie on Somali pirates for everyone who is interested in an action and suspense.