Actor Tom Hiddleston is after a romantic-comedy role. Cinema audiences are used to seeing British star Tom in dark and serious movies, but the 34-year-old admits there’s more to him than playing characters like Thor’s archenemy Loki in the Marvel flicks, or Thomas Sharpe in new horror movie Crimson Peak.

Definitely, I would say so,” Tom told America’s GQ when asked if he looked for earnestness in a film part. “I mean, that’s not to say I’m not game for a laugh. I’d really love to see if I could do a romantic comedy, because I think they’re really challenging and I think it would be really fun. But I think I am drawn to authenticity in people and in the work that I do.”

He’s able to blend what we see with what we dream and make it seem like it’s part of the same fabric,” Tom said of Guillermo. “That’s very inspiring. It does create a heightened awareness for a bit, but I was ready to leave the world of Crimson Peak by the time we finished.

Watch Crimson Peak’s trailer here:

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