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My name’s conmystro(connor), and I upload a bunch of stuff. All things from Naruto, to Assassins creed, call of duty, even games like prototype, and Devil May Cry. I’m not new to the youtube community, but i am new to this much attention. I’ve been on the site for almost 5 years, and i’ve been wanting to own a gaming channel since i started. Now that i have the tools necessary, i can finally live that fantasy! IF you are looking for a fun, easy going gamer, who occasionally gives his somewhat childish opinion on STUFF, then i may be the dude, for you.

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i have a variety of videos like i said, and the playlists on my channel will help you navigate through them. Btw, the thumbnail was a stupidly subtle spongebob reference. so yeah. if you got that, you get points.

Thanks for Watching/Reading, and have a

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The çlutch game with Red son Superman was fuckin hilarious lmao

You obviously don't watch his recent videos as i believe it has been what? About a month since he released a storm 3 video?

Lobo is #NASTY


Hulk Hogan at 2:30

it's just really good, it's around 8-12 frames, has decent range, and if you trade hits, you can usually combo off of your trade. 

Kishouma きしょうま

Im glad he uploads Injustice instead of Naruto. Y'know, a GOOD GAME

if you tried doing something you liked but then get aggro because people dont like it and then harass and spam every time because they cant take a hint its sad. maybe re direct the attention back to them for being whiny bitches instead of being another idiot

Wow piss off and get out huh? Well it seems you let your fame get to your head. Its a sad day when a good youtuber stops listening to his subscribers and is rude to them. Mystro good luck but really, you need to wise up a little. People expect respectfull answers instead of a rude answer expecially when they are subbed. I unsubbed because you said unsub so i did. If you are that willing to throw away subscribers you do not deserve your youtube channel

if i see more decent stuff out of it.

How are u good with every player?