We may not remember when the last time Kris Jenner and her no less famous daughters, attended a red carpet event, but the presence of this singular family anytime, anywhere, simply make us miss seeing them.

However, what a better opportunity that attending MTV Video Music Awards to show off to the world some touch of class and real elegance, contrasting with the glittering extravaganza of clown-dressed Miley Cyrus.

An impacting Cleopatra-inspired hairstyle was the signature of Kylie Jenner, debuting with a very chic and glamorous image wearing a mini dress with an Egyptian influence complemented with strappy sandals, while Kourtney Kardashian looked gorgeous in a bright coral jumpsuit with coordinated accessories and jewelry.

Of course, Kris Jenner could not be left behind wearing an elegant black dress that brought out her perfectly smoky eyes, a sexy look with style that put the glamour that was so much needed in the MTV music scenery.