The famous Cheerleader singer traveled from San Diego to Los Angeles to attend a renowned MTV Video music awards in her plane with a Fan.

“Wooden finish, leather, the whole works, It was very comfortable, the ambiance was very good. He wasn’t entirely sure how many people would fit on the jet but he thought “not too many, as it is a very comfortable space”, OMI tells Newsbeat, describing the interior of Taylor’s jet.

As it was a very short journey, flying from San Diego to Los Angeles so it was very weird to ask for anything. He said that it wasn’t a good idea to ask for food or drinks in the flight. He said that he hated to ask anything on the flight because everyone would think that why I didn’t eat before at home.

Everything was well managed on the jet. Catering was very impressive and there was no need to ask for anything. He said that it was a very enjoyable trip with friends. He got a chance to meet Taylor on the flight and had some conversation with the famous singer.