Taron Egerton is Han Solo? Indiana Jones 5 with Chris Pratt & Steven Spielberg? – Beyond The Trailer


Taron Egerton to play young Han Solo? Steven Spielberg wants to direct Indiana Jones 5 with Chris Pratt!

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the latest movie news today! Will Taron Egerton star as a young Han Solo for an origin story?! Plus Steven Spielberg wants to direct Chris Pratt in Indiana Jones 5! Can Disney successfully replace Harrison Ford?! Do you think Taron Egerton would make a good Han Solo? And if Chris Pratt is the new Indiana Jones, should Steven Spielberg return to direct him in Indiana Jones 5? Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Taron Egerton is Han Solo? – 00:00
Spielberg for Indiana Jones 5? – 7:04
Franco’s In Dubious Battle – 10:20
Viewer Question – 17:14

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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What a BS lady! Harrison Ford was one of the "better" aspects of Indy IV, yes he's older but he was great in it and it added a new dimension to the series: an older Indy.
"Clearly cannot continue"?! He even did a large portion of his stunts in Indy IV. Your perception of Ford is definitely not that of the fans lady.

Steven Escareno

As I said before, it didn't hurt Harrison Ford's career to star as two iconic characters in indiana jones and han solo, nor did it hurt Stallone when he played two iconic characters in his heyday in rocky and rambo.  Therefore, I fail to see what you're talking about grace when you say that it's a mistake for Pratt to want to be star lord and indiana jones.  The only people that have a problem with this might be people that can't distinguish reality from fiction, but actors are meant to play different people.  It's a fact.  No actor wants to play the same damn character throughout their career.  

I don't like Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones either. Jon Hamm I think would be good for the role. He's about the same age Harrison Ford was when he played the role in the 80s, plus it'd be a nice 180 from Mad Men.

I Am The Bucket

Awesome stuff, thanks. 🙂

Daniel Matheson

Anthony Ingruber is the best choice for Han.

Didn't George Lucas insist that Greedo shot first and Han shot first is what the fans say...

A movie with a young Han Solo and Bobba Fett sounds awesome. I would definitely watch that. 

Dear Grace, keep going with the great videos. I've now been watching BTT for 4 years and in my eyes it's still going strong:):)


With the new and upcoming spiderman being introduced to the MCU do you think they will use either Gwen Stacey or Mary-Jane? or neither. I wanted Emma Stone back for the new movies and even my sister (a non-comic book film watcher) loved the character and went to the the amazing spider man movies just for her.

Thanks for the Videos
Hope you can answer


I'm a little confused about Star Wars VII, is it going to be a reboot, where they recast the main characters from the original trilogy (ex. Taron Egerton is the new Han Solo)? Or is this the sequel to the original trilogy (where Taron Egerton would be Han Solo's son)?

Also, Love the show Grace! Huge fan! +Movie Math 

I would love to see Phoenix properly explored in these movie but unlike in the cartoons in the comics, which have weeks, months and years to explore and manage to spotlight everyone eventually these movies can't do that or don't do that well, at all. One characters is the focus and those closest to the character get some attention while everyone else is just there to deliver some vaguely useful dialogue. If in exploring Jean/ Phoenix we got to know Storm and Cyclops better I'd be for it but I feel like Singer molds the movie around the popular actors and they'd push Cyclops and Storm to the wayside and find some convoluted way to make this about Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto and Xavier's relationship with Jean.