Don’t you often wonder how these celebrities have amazing figures? Not to mention their perfect appearances, including the makeup, hairstyle, and just about every other thing. Well, let us break it to you that celebrities are no perfect species, rather people as human as the rest of us. And yes, they do have their share of flaws: extra fatness, extra slimness, including that fat nose and bulgy lips. So is it not interesting to know how these beings manage to look completely flawless?

Well, these celebrities work hard to look as they do. This entails taking personal fitness training, and religiously following diets (even surviving on raw vegetables). Often some opt for surgeries to get rid of the extra bulging fat. However, they sometimes also undergo the slim-to-fat and fat-to-slim transformations for the sake of their roles in movies. As being a celebrity is all about appearances, it is imperative that they remain in shape. Here are the 20 most fabulous weight loss transformations that celebrities have undergone to bring out the best in them!

So if you want to be a perfect size too, skim through these success stories and get inspired! After all, inspiration is what leads to hard work, and that, to success!


  • Kirstie Alley


This 62-year old actress did marvels by losing 75 pounds of her weight when she got selected as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Alley had no choice but to modify her looks and the only substantial way to do that was through losing weight. Unfortunately, her success didn’t last long and she ended up growing as fat as ever. Resultantly, she also conducted her own show in which she talked about her struggles of losing weight (interesting, no?). Her weight skyrocketed to 200 pounds in 2005, but she promised to lose at least 80 pounds in the upcoming years. A twitter post in 2010 revealed that she was just 30 pounds away from her goal. Such determination!

Lesson: Never use shortcuts for losing weight, and never lose faith in yourself.

  1. Ricki Lake

The chubby Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray has a big feather in her cap! From 1988 to 1992, this woman lost a total of 100 pounds! (Isn’t that just amazing?) The secret behind her superb transformation, in her words, “is starving”. Ricki Lake added that she worked in a fresh foods service that inspired her to eat healthily (or not eat at all), and that is how she lost more than a 100 pounds.

Lesson: Don’t starve yourself rather focus on eating healthy items (like vegetables and fruits).

  1. Randy Jackson

Have you seen a 60-year-old man who looks nothing like it? Well, we present to you our very own American Idol Judge, Randy Jackson. This music legend was known to weigh more than 300 pounds. However, when his life was at stake, he took weight loss as a challenge and fought it hard. Being a diabetes patient, Jackson had no option but to cut down his sugar and fat intake. Initiating his weight loss program from sports in 2002, Jackson had to undergo a gastric bypass surgery in 2003. This resulted in a 100-pound weight decrease. With that as a kick start, Jackson began to eat healthy food only. Tennis became his favorite sport and treadmill, his best friend. Take a look at the picture again to see how young he looks!

Lesson: Lose weight timely before it becomes a liability. Play sports and exercise regularly.

  1. Sarah Rue

This image is the perfect portrayal of how Sarah Rue changed after losing weight. Does she not look super young and pretty? Another Jenny Craig spokesperson, Rue is merely 34 years old. Her 50-pound weight loss can be credited to her workout, which included running for hours. According to her interview for People Magazine, she revealed that her struggle had now ended. With that being said, she has maintained her weight ever since!

Lesson: Lose weight for a fresher skin, and better looks. Also, don’t run from the workout, run as a part of the workout.

  1. Al Roker

If you want to know who REALLY struggled to maintain his weight, it is this guy. Al Roker, the book author and the TV anchor, wore a size 60 weighing 340 pounds in 2002. In that year, he decided to undergo a gastric bypass surgery which resulted in a loss of 140 pounds. Although these surgeries appear to be a quick fix, they have dire consequences. According to Al Roker, the real struggle begins after the surgery as maintaining weight can be really challenging. Exercise is Al Roker’s best buddy too!

  1. Ron Lester

This guy has definitely blown us away with his transformation! Ron Lester, the Billy Bob guy from Varsity Blues had weight over 500 pounds (Whoops). Being always given the roles of fat guys, he decided in 2000 that he had had enough of his appearance limiting his success. The quickest means of weight loss was through the gastric bypass surgery. Despite this treatment being in its initial stages, Lester underwent this surgery (this man had guts) and became one of the few healthy patients, weighing 193 pounds in the end. (Woah)

Lesson: Even if you’re as fast as he was, do not lose hope.

  1. Mo’Nique

Ever heard somebody publicly condemn body shaming? Here is our superwoman who not only loved her body but also voiced her opinions about it publicly. However, the unfortunate twist of fate resulted in her becoming a high blood pressure patient. Unwilling to risk her life, Mo’Nique decided to do what most wouldn’t; lose weight through the healthy way. Not only did she give up on saturated fats, she also parted ways with sugar! Good job Mo’nique!

Lesson: Surgeries aren’t the only solution.

  1. Renee Zellweger

Who is ignorant of Renee Zellweger’s flawless efforts at looking super stunning? Surely her figure is to be credited for those beautiful and glamorous looks! But here’s more to the story. The actress gained 20 pounds to suit the role of Bridget Jones, turning from size 4 to a freaking 14. However, she toned down to size 4 after successfully doing her role. Despite the numerous weight fluctuations, this lady is definitely an inspiration for all of us.

Lesson: Slimness is paramount to looking beautiful.

  1. John Goodman

If there’s anything that wavers my faith in humanity, it is how John Goodman lost his weight. Perhaps his is the most shocking transformation of this century! A man, once weighing 368 pounds, has slimmed down to a 100 plus pounds, by not drinking (alcohol is what I mean). Exercising simultaneously speeded his weight loss journey, and he looks anything but 61 years old at this point.

  1. Perez Hilton

It’s almost difficult to believe that the two pictures above are of the same man… From the drastic changes in his thigh size to his overall physique, this celebrity blogger has taken us all by surprise. With vigorous workouts and healthy diets, he managed to lose 60 pounds over the span of three years. (Woah) His initial 30-minute walk a day changed into an intensive 7-day training session. Not only that, Hilton launched his own health-centered website called Log on to it for more articles on shaping yourself. Isn’t he just a savior apart from being good looking too?

Lesson: Make intelligent use of your resources, and sign up on his website for more motivation.

  1. Janet Jackson

2010 revealed many different faces to us. On the list was our very own, 47-year-old Janet Jackson. Losing weight through merely eating tortilla chips and apples every day, Jackson inspires us in unknown ways. Clearly, she embodies the ‘no pain no gain’ proverb!

Lesson: An apple a day keeps the doctor away; keeping you fit and hot too!

  1. Star Jones Reynolds

This celebrity claimed that her MASSIVE weight loss was not a result of a gastric bypass surgery, rather eating less. However, we fail to believe her because losing 160 pounds is… BIG. Something that can’t be done by merely eating healthily. Being 51 years old, Reynolds observes a strictly healthy diet along with personal training. You go, woman!

  1. Kelly Osbourne

So you know those people who are always on the news for one thing or the other? Yes, Kelly Osbourne is that character for us and quite amusingly, this time, she has done so by losing a tremendous amount of weight. Aged 29, Kelly is enjoying the fruits of her hard work.

Note: She didn’t gain weight as the picture portrays, rather just the opposite.

  1. Drew Carey

Everyone was astonished by Drew Carey’s dramatic weight loss. This man, a comedian by profession, became the source of positive humor by cutting down 80 pounds. Surviving LITERALLY on fruits and vegetables, Carey followed intensive workouts. Thank you, Carey, for inspiring us. And making us laugh our butts off!

Lesson: Never be a comedian and if you do, be one as great as Drew Carey.

  1. 50 Cent

How can we forget the singer from our favorite ‘Candy Shop’ song? Yes, this is 50 cent rocking everything he does! Not only is he a super hit pop singer, he is amazing at acting too! As per the need of his role of a cancer patient in ‘All Things Fall Apart’, 50 Cent trimmed down to a shockingly skinny person. Honestly speaking, this man’s transformation is goosebump-inducing! Moreover, he did it in merely 9 weeks. (If anyone needs weight loss tips, he is your guy.)

Lesson: Don’t lose so much weight that you look like a real-life patient.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

The mother of yo-yo dieters, Oprah Winfrey has always been in the limelight. According to her, her thyroid condition is to be blamed for her incessant eating which leads to unfathomable weight gain. However, by defeating all the odds she reduced her weight to 160 pounds. As if bad luck following her, her weight rocketed to 200 pounds again due to her health conditions. Resultantly, Winfrey gave a public statement saying she will never diet in future. (Oops)

Lesson: Don’t excuse yourself for your wrongdoings.

  1. Jennifer Hudson

Shocking the audience, Grammy and Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson lost weight massively. Claiming that she would get rid of the baby weight in 2009, Hudson appalled everyone with her appearance as Nelson Mandela’s wife in the movie released in 2010. Training rigorously (with every limb and muscle) and eating super-consciously, she has proved to us what miracles will power can do!

Lesson: The sooner you break up with your junk-love, the better it will be for you.

  1. Christian Bale

Who do you think takes his roles too seriously? Yes, it is Christian Bale, the ever dedicated actor. From losing weight for a role in ‘The Machinist’ to expanding again for one in ‘The Fighter’, Bale is one man with a really fluctuating weight. He is aiming to achieve an optimum weight of 122 pounds, and has been on supplements for more than 6 months.  Aged 39, he is super focused and ambitious for making his mark in the industry!

  1. Khloe Kardashian

Ever wondered what guzzling lots of water in a day could do? Well, for Khloe Kardashian, it resulted in a quick weight loss (surprising as it sounds). She emphasizes on drinking huge volumes of water along with eating food moderately. Her reality show is based on the weight loss too, with a great focus on the necessity of working out. Her dedication is unparalleled! You go, girl!

Lesson: Don’t underestimate the benefits of drinking water. And, think twice before chugging that fizzy drink!

  1. Kevin Federline

The former Mr. Britney Spears and the current Kevin Federline is another character who has inspired us with his determination. Weighing 240 pounds on his 30th birthday, Kevin had the realization to get into shape. In 2010, he started a reality show called VH1 Celebrity Fit Club. Over the span of this time, he transformed into a total stud. Playing sports became a vital form of his exercise along with the consumption of sports supplements. Just look at how young and cool he looks in the ‘after’ picture!

Lesson: Don’t ever make that ponytail if you’re as fat as the ‘Before’ him.


Although we believe that appearances alone don’t make a difference, tagging all those pounds along can be very risky! Don’t be embarrassed if you’re fat and don’t let this define you. But if you are at the risk of losing your life due to obesity, it is time to think again. Take inspiration from these celebrities and do wonders! We look forward to reading your success stories in the comments below!