Suicide Squad Movie-Deleted Joker/Jared Leto Scenes Gallery



Here’s a compilation of different scenes and bits of Jared Leto’s tremendous performance left on the cutting room floor and will most likely be used in the inevitable “Extended Edition” of this atrocious film. Here’s hoping Joker shows up in Ben Affleck’s upcoming Batman film and Justice League.

List of Rumored Cut Scenes from Suicide Squad:

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i watched the movie with some of the scenes that were deleted in this">

Elite Psychotic

why r so many ppl unhappy about the way the abuse was toned down in this movie? I know it might not be too accurate but cmon their both popular and highly anticipated characters let them hav a healthier relationship for once

emelly baltazar

what he said ? Can not you hear what he said

Öğrenci Kafası

but this is blooper?

When joker hits harley IT looks so real, why dident they put that in the movie ? Joker is abusive in the comics !

what i really pissed off is the writers some time write stupid dialogue. i mean some are cringey tho. and the second is they ruined the joker, jared put soo much his effort but it just has to be ruined some type of way, like the way wb cut his scenes, and the way they potrayed joker and harley relationship. I just hope that in the future films of dc ,jared joker will make it and bring his best on the role, and also redeem

Breanna Escalante

these scene's should be in the movie??????

I so mush hate that thy deleted those scenes

peanutbutterswirl Aj

does he pee on her xd I have no clue what he is doing in one scene it looks like he is peeing on her is this true or false

I'm so fucking looney for liking Joker and Harley's abusive relationship 😍😍😍😍😍 I WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD ON SCREEN AND THE MOVIE DID NOT GIVE ME THAT