Simon Cowell doesn’t know what he would do if his son asked him to give up his “worst vice”. The music mogul has been puffing away for years, smoking 40-a-day at the height of his habit, but since welcoming his son Eric on Valentine’s Day with partner Lauren Silverman, the 56-year-old has tried to cut back on the cigarettes. But he isn’t sure he could quit for good. For the Love of God, he can only try, no one quits that faster. Try nicotine gums or patches perhaps? Something might helps!

“I have cut down,” he told Britain’s The Mirror newspaper. “If Eric grows up and says stop it, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t smoke around him and I wouldn’t do that. I have thought about what he might say in a few years. It is my worst vice.” “I was saying to Louis, ‘This is the one thing he would find very difficult to give up because he do loves cigarettes’,” he added. “A cigarette and a beer.