Simon Cowell has confirmed he is replacing Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent. The music mogul and reality TV judge regular created the show, which first aired in 2006, but has never appeared on the panel.”We’ve been talking about it for a few years, funny enough, me and NBC,” he told Us Weekly. “This year… everything worked. So it was perfect.

TV fans are used to seeing the star delivering withering put downs to hopefuls on shows such as The X Factor, American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent, but he’s insisted he has no interest in making the wannabes feel bad this time around. He said that he is not going to lie to people when he thinks they’re hopeless, he just couldn’t do that!” he explained. “But no, of course I’m not going to be rude for the sake of being rude. That would be ridiculous. I’ll take it act by act.”