People are mainly happy at the beginning of their romance, but with time relationships may start getting worse. Often people don’t realize that their relationships are getting more and more negative, mainly because we try to block our mind when we are in love or simply infatuated. But soon you may find yourself together with someone whom you don’t know pretty well, who has more negative than positive sides, and who almost doesn’t resemble the one for whom you initially have fallen. Check out the following signs of your relationship being doomed to figure out whether it has any future or not.

Your Partner Doesn’t Accept You The Way You Are

Each of us has both negative and positive sides. The good partner will accept you with all your advantages and disadvantages. Your partner may nite share your preferences in films or TV shows, but the carrying and loving partner will accept your likes and leave you enjoying them. Things are getting much worse when your partner doesn’t accept major aspects, like the way you dress and your life goals. A case like this has only one solution. You need to end this relationship. Relationships where one doesn’t accept another has absolutely no future.

You Don’t Accept Your Partner For Who He/She Is

Who said that things can’t work vise-verse? Accepting each other works both ways. If your partner loves you the way you are, you need to be able to offer the same to him/her. Otherwise, once again relationships where one doesn’t accept another simply won’t work.

You Can’t Stand Each Other In Hard Times

When we are thinking about relationship, first of all you think about happiness, love, sex, and laughter. What we don’t think about is that relationships are also about surviving the hard times together. You love your partner when he or she is happy and relaxed, but how would you feel about him or her, when she or she is irritated? If you can’t support each other in hard times, if you can’t stand each other when you are stressed, then your relationships are doomed and have no future.

You Are In Different Places Mentally

Healthy relationships are about having mutual goals and plans for the future. Your couple will definitely encounter troubles, if one of you plans to settle down and get married, while another plans to travel around the world. Don’t be afraid to discuss your plans together and don’t be afraid to hear something that doesn’t fit into your ideal picture. Both of you have the right to know whether you are in the same boat or not. It’s nobody’s fault that you have different interests, but the blame can be easily put on the one who keeps silent about it.

You Don’t Trust Each Other

Relationships are built on trust. While it is a common knowledge the vast majority of us tend to forget about it. God knows on what people try to built their relationships without trust, but the fact is that such kind of relationships are unlikely to last long. If you don’t trust each other, the best option for both of you is to break up and move on. Thanks to our friends from for providing this article.