One thing that scares a lot of people off online dating is dating scam. The one who is in love is fooled easily. No one wants to be fooled when he or she is in love, as it is the most vulnerable state one can be in. Online dating swindlers usually using con artist to trick naïve users. You are chatting with a pleasant girl, then she asks you to continue your chatting via other means, like email. As soon as the swindlers get your email, nothing can prevent them from stealing your personal or financial data. Of course you can create a special mail account, which would have no connection to your bank account, to give it to your chat-mates, but what’s the point in online dating then? But in our time-consuming days we cannot afford ourselves enough offline dates to start a relationship. Staying alone for the rest of our lives also doesn’t appeal to us. So, is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is. You can protect yourself by learning the main signs that you are chatting with a con artist, which we advise you to check out without further ado.


The easiest way to lure you into fraud is to pretend someone whom most of the people, including you, would like. On online dating sites the most typical profiles of con artists are typecast. If it is a male con artist, he is most likely in his late forties. He has a high income, as he is most likely to state that he is CEO of some company. He has a degree level, and he is either widowed or survived a terrible divorce. As a result you are interested in him and you want to comfort him.

Typical female con artist is somewhere between twenty five and thirty years old, she’s single, has no children, and she’s either a model or student. Thus you are interested in her and you are ready to give her what you have.


Mostly, con artists are overly nice and charming. They are rarely angry at you and you rarely have an argument with them. And if you do have an argument, they will get offended in the most theatrical way. But mostly they try to be as charming as possible. The weak spot is the fact that you can easily tell that the con artist is trying to charm, as he or she will try too hard.

Too many details

When telling their stories and talking about their backgrounds, con artists usually give you as many details as possible, in order to make it sound more trustworthy. This can often look quite suspicious, as their stories often feel like reading a novel or something. Sometimes you even start wondering, would a normal person give you that much details telling about his or her past.

Lavish flattery

A con artist tries to flatter you on every occasion, just to seem nice. He or she will give you compliments, will tell you how beautiful and how smart you. So, when your chat mate overwhelms you with praise and attention, beware!

Demanding the answers

You can’t ignore the questions of the con artist. Con artists demand answers right away. A con artist wants you to have no time to think to force you answering without a second thought. Always take your time, it may help you figure out whom you’re chatting with. Thanks to our friends from for providing this article.