Saoirse Ronan is an Irish actress profoundly famous for her lead role in movie Brooklyn as her character and real life are very much alike. She is 21 years old and played a lead role as an Irish immigrant named Eilis Lacey in her new movie Brooklyn.

This movie resembles her real life as her parents were Irish who migrated to USA after her birth. “Whenever I play a character, a huge part of it for me is to play someone whose situation and character are completely different to me in every way,” she told Back-stage magazine. She said that a lot of scenes are filmed in Brooklyn, and were actually experienced by her in real life. So, it is a very difficult job to play a role which runs similar to your real life.

It was terrifying to film the real events of her life. She said that it was just like facing a mirror which is very near to her face and she was not able to look at the other things. She felt herself a complete wreck at that time of shooting.