In this episode, we rant about Joe Kubert, Guy Fieri’s stolen car, ICP suing FBI, Chris Tucker is broke, Toys R Us scammed, man grabs a booty, mad snake disease, dui on a bulldozer, our site of the week, voice mails, and more!Subscribe / rate / review us on iTunes!Visit us /[email protected]_language / / Stitcher search Salty LanguageVoicemail: (415) 857-2589podgodsnetwork.comShare with your friends!Opening song Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh Oh Oh by The NunchaksEnd song Whitehaven Drinking Song by Nate Monoxide

Joe Kubert dies Guy Fieri’s stolen Lambo story: People getting collection notices from Hollywood Video: ICP suing FBI: Man caught trying to rape his grandma: Chris Tucker’s net worth: Man avoids getting compacted twice: Mom and son scam Toys R Us: Anti Semite finds out he’s Jewish: Author scolds student for not reading his book: Man grabs booty because he couldn’t resist: Man shoots himself at Bourne movie: Man who killed wife chokes on tv dinner: Dave Mustaine is crazy: Mad snake disease: Hitler mini golf statue: Mt. Dew naming is trolled by 4chan: Man dui on bulldozer: Man uses craigslist to find dog for sex: Site of the week: