Rosie O’Donnell’s adopted daughter turned 18 this past week and that means the girl is allowed to make some changes in her life. Particularly, the choice to try and go back to her biological mom who gave her up for adoption in the mid 1990’s.  

chelseaodonnellPrior to her 18th birthday this past Monday, Rosie held a press release pleading for the safe return of her daughter, Chelsea, who she said had been missing since August 11th. Rosie went on to explain that the girl needed medication. Apparently Chelsea suffers from mental illness of some sort.

The good news is the girl was found safe and sound a hundred miles away from home.  She had been having some exchanges through a chat app and met up with a fella who was 25 years old.
Since Chelsea was still a week away from her birthday, the guy was arrested and charged with some different types of misconduct, including sending photos of his junk to a minor.

To add insult to injury, after the safe return of Chelsea to the Odonnell home, Chelsea turned 18 and headed off to Wisconsin to be with her bio mom. Media outlets are saying that Rosie has cut Chelsea off financially because of this decision.  I’m not so sure if I believe that or not. Mostly, not.