Actress Rooney Mara believes on-screen chemistry is real important. “People keep asking about this,” she said at Carol’s London press conference. “My opinion is that chemistry isn’t something you can create, it’s very much the same way in real life – you either have chemistry with someone or you don’t. A director can create it in post (production) but it’s not something you can work on, you either have it or you don’t. I felt lucky in that it was easy for me to feel chemistry towards Cate not only because she’s… Cate but because my character spent much of the film just sort of in awe of this woman and enamored with her and that was very easy for me to embody.”

“Both characters are quite isolated,” she explained. “Not only because their feelings for one another set them apart from the worlds they inhabit but the gap in their ages. They go through a lot of processing these volcanic feelings independent of one another, so frankly it was a relief to do the scenes with Rooney, ‘Finally, we get to be together.'”

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