Priyanka Chopra is the first Indian to be casted in an American TV series, called “QUANTICO”. The show was premiered on September 27th and she wowed the American media with her role as Alex Parrish who is an FBI agent. India’s very own fabulous actress has given America its biggest audience since May 2012’s in the desperate Housewives series Finale. The premier on Sunday was watched by 7.1 Million viewers. Priyanka is now a global star! “But why is the Indian media so reluctant to give other Indians credit? Every talk show and every article has mentioned her origins” tweeted the Indian print and Television journalist Vir Sanghvi.


Anyhow the journalist congratulated PC on her success. He also said that it takes loads of guts and confidence to flourish on such a huge platform. Priyanka is now everywhere. From making her own songs and getting featured with Pitbull to making her debut on International Television.