Olivia Lake, the baddest b!+#h in Poway, California, got some birthday wishes from her Mom via Twitter. She also got some advice that would have better suited her father.

Are these the coolest parents ever or dirty criminals?
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Lake wanted to throw a Playboy Mansion-themed birthday party, which her parents approved of. The guys showed up in Hugh Hefner smoking jackets and the girls dressed in Playboy bunny costumes and lingerie.

Jeff and Jacki Lake made their bid to be the coolest parents ever by welcoming between 150 to 200 revelers into their home. Their daughter posted pictures from the party to her Instagram with the tag “Liv’s Playboy Mansion.”

The police arrived at the Lake home around 10:30 p.m. and Olivia’s father went outside to speak with the officers. They told him that a neighbor reported underage drinking at the Lake residence. When he asked officers if they had a warrant, he was arrested.

It’s worth mentioning that Jeff Lake is a lawyer who specializes in medical marijuana cases, so he probably knows his way around the law.

Jeff Lake said the police failed to read him his Miranda rights or provide any evidence that minors were given access to alcohol. He faces up to six months in prison if convicted.

Meanwhile, Liv will likely be elevated to legend status, at least for the duration of her senior year at Poway High.


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