Now they have officially responded to Meadow Walker’s legal action by refuting the allegations in court documents, in which they declare car fanatic Paul was “a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of the 2005 Carrera GT”.

The executive members of Porsche Company are not ready to accept the blame of the car crash which Paul Walker was driving in the accident in which he died. They said that it was all Paul’s fault which cost him his life.

Paul Walker who got most of his fame from Fast and Furious series was driving a “2005 Porsche Carrera GT” accompanying his friend Roger Rodas on 30th November 2013. Suddenly his car crashed with a light pole near Santa Clarita, California. The car burst into flames and resulted in killing both of the passengers.

Meadow is Paul’s daughter who was just 16 years old, filed a case in court against Porsche Company in September 2015. In this case she accused the company for a wrongful death suit for their negligence in designing the car. Chief executive of Porsche refuses all the accusations against his company and said that it is always depressing whenever they heard about the accident of Porsche vehicle. But in Paul’s case it is totally the driver’s fault, he was driving the car carelessly and exceeded the speed limit which cost him his life.