Actor Patrick Wilson says that there has been a weird thing going on these days. He actually hears Ted Danson laughing in his dreams. He hears his laugh in his sleep.

He said :”He’s great,” Patrick told. “If we had more time I’d make more fun of him and make more jokes, but he’s fantastic. We had an absolute blast together from day one. We just smiled at each other and started laughing: ‘We’ve got these guys. This is gonna be great.'”He’s so solid. And he’s fun. And oh my God, that laugh. I can hear it in my sleep.”

The television series Fargo is famous and these two celebrities work together in that, He is still confused if there will be a second season then will he be willing to do it too. He said : “When I first read it I hadn’t seen the series yet,” he explained. “So I only went on the first couple of episodes I read, and I was trying to figure out where it was going.’So what’s going to happen here?’ When I started to get into episodes three and four I started to go, ‘OK, I see where he’s going… I think?'”