The famous Hollywood female Paris Hilton planned to move to Switzerland with her boyfriend Thomas Gross who is a successful entrepreneur.

According to several news sources, Paris has been dating Gross since May 2014. After having mutual understanding with each other the couple is thinking to move forward and make Switzerland their permanent residence. Paris recently applied for a long term visa for Switzerland. She had also made some arrangements to set up a home in Schwyz.

I just love everything about this country. The people are so lovely, the food is excellent and the scenery beautiful. I want to be Swiss,” she continued and told the German newspaper Blick.

Paris recently made an announcement about her relationship with Thomas. She also told about her first meeting with Thomas.

Paris said that her boyfriend is a very private kind of person and doesn’t like cameras following them. She remained busy in her work and whenever gets some free time at home she loves to cook for her boyfriend and they watch movies together.