Famous celebrity Nicki Minaj recently attended a bid for keeping her boyfriend out of jail. She wanted to convince the judge that her boyfriend is a changed person now.

Nicki’s boyfriend Meek Mill, the hit rapper in Anaconda, is nowadays in court for the hearing of his case of parole violation. Nicki insisted that judge Genece Brinkley should see a change what she sees in him. He is really a changed man now.  Robert Rihmeek Williams is the real name of Mill. He is reported for violating a parole in drug case in 2009 and then a gun case was charged against him.

His girlfriend Niki testified for about 30 minutes on last Thursday.  “He’s not perfect but I can’t believe how much he’s changed, I am planning to help my boyfriend and get organized and fulfill his community service requirements,” she told the court.
William’s lawyer Frank DeSimone tried to convince the judge earlier that his client belongs to a music industry and needs to make several arrangements on the last minutes before travelling. He had no intentions to disrespect the court.

DeSimone revealed that Minaj and Williams are in a serious relationship and have plans to get married soon.