Movie Trailer – 1983 – Something Wicked This Way Comes


Trailer for the 1983 film Something Wicked This Way Comes.

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I watched this movie at my geology class before spring break comes. While I watching the movie with both carousel and carnival scenes in the movie, the song "Carousel" by Melanie Martinez played inside my head and I was like OMG. I would say this song fits perfectly through the movie.

SoShallClimbHer 2016

Is this offensive, Grade 7 of Canada?

Gigi Du Hermoine

As a child I was terrified of this film. Personally I can't wait to find it and see it once more in the full length. The scariest movie to me.. Would either be "It" or "Nightmare on Elm Street"...

Now this is Scary!

Berna Managuelod

Mr.dark is the voice In Michael jacksons thriller song the creepy laugh lol

I remember seeing this when I was little.....if the longest time I couldn't remember the name of the movie

I was 4 or 5 when I first saw this movie, and the tarantula in the bedroom scene was the scariest part for me. lol That scene stuck with me up until now, at age 30. I just showed the movie to my 5 year old and she said she loved the movie but that scene creeped her out too lol

Sounds like the same trailer narrator from the original Star Wars trailer.

Tobey Starburst

God the voiceover guy for the trailer is just sooo awesome! He is great in every trailer he was in. Made the movies even better.

Tobey Starburst

LOVED this movie as a kid!