Here is the Bollywood’s number one movie of the week¬†Shaandaar.Starring our newly wed groom Shahid Kapoor, and Mahesh Bhatt’s youngest daughter Alia Bhatt. It is a happy movie consisting of different characters which obviously have got their part to play, but over all it is not the same themed movie, but a blend of mischief and fun to amaze and entertain the viewers.

This Friday, it is Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Shaandaar’ that will hit the box office and there are many things that make it a must watch of the week. Its Story is funny, intriguingly naughty, and full of puns and laughter. This movie is on every one’s list this week. It will hit the box office on Friday, Specifically on 22nd October 2015.