Famous actress Melissa McCarthy recently featured in Hollywood movie “Spy”. She always thought about her character in that film, and wondered to whom she was chasing in the whole movie and why she was wearing such high heels.

Spy movie is directed by Paul Freig and is based on the story of a private detective. Melissa played the lead role of a common detective in the film who is really funny, who also works with CIA as an under-cover officer. Melissa had to do some stunt scenes in the film in which she was not comfortable at all. She sometimes got exhausted and sometimes got confused about the stunts. “The fighting, the running, I was just constantly, like, ‘Who am I chasing now and why am I in heels?’” Melissa joked to Britain’s Heat magazine.

In the film there was a scene where she had to deliver a lot of dialogues while she is running four blocks on stairs. Paul Feig chooses Budapest for shooting various scenes of the film which was a very beautiful area. At the end of the fifth shot she completed about twenty fights in one scene. After giving such tiring shot of twenty fights, she had to look cool which was pretty exciting for her.