Mel Gibson Directing Suicide Squad 2, Ben Leaving Batman Role, and More!


Mel Gibson Suicide Squad Discussion: 1:00
RUMOR Ben Affleck Leaving Batman; Recast, Pass the Torch, Kill?: 12:00
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Set Photo: 30:12
First Look at Rey, Finn, Poe: 34:04
LEGO Batman Movie Discussion: 40:30
John Wick Chapter 2 Review: 53:25

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Alamo Jenkins

Damn Affleck leaving Batman that is a bad scenario. I hope he really stay please let it stay a rumor.

I don't understand why he was batman in the first place.

Also remember that RDJ said he will make a ironman 4 only if Mel Gibson is the director, cause for RDJ share same bad status as Gibson before Ironman 2008 and Gibson and RDJ are good friends, Gibson defend RDJ when he was in that time, so if SS2 is good, maybe Disney will let Mel Gibson make with RDJ Ironman 4, we dont count if MCU want another ironman movie, if Gibson wants it also and many more things to happen.

Vincent Nguyen

I hope Jared Leto stays around as Joker. I at least want to see Batfleck and Leto's Joker interact once.

Antoine Allen Multimedia

I dont think these 2 guys know what kind of a prankster Mel Gibson is on a set. Was said to have sent freeze-dried Norwegian rats to Julia Roberts on the set of Conspiracy Theory, and constantly pranking people on the set of the different Lethal Weapon movies, plastic wrapped toilets and more odd gifts. I dont think Jared Leto would be a problem...more of a joke challenge.
Do your Homework guys.

he makes great movies whop cares what he says

Aflacs a great batman.. dont leave..!


Kakhi Gagnidze

Affleck said he's still EXTREMELY committed to this project. So, I don't believe this rumour to be true.


If Mel Gibson takes this on, and it's great, then this will become Will Smith's franchise.