In this clip Obama Propagandist Chris Matthews flat out says Romney didn’t pay his taxes and that is how he became rich. Instead he says Romney and his supporters are attacking Obama by saying that Obama does not how to be an American.

This is the Obama tactic. Level some false accusations and then let the Leftist MSM sink their teeth into it like one of Michael Vick’s fighting pitbulls.

Matthews plays the Obama ad that says Romney only paid 15% on $43 million in income and that maybe he didn’t pay anything in taxes in some years.

This is pretty much the standard view of Liberals. Rich successful people became that way by breaking the law, via tax evasion, or at the expense of other people. Matthews and the Left believe successful people did not earn their wealth through hard word and the sweat of their brow. And this is no different than what Obama said in Virginia. Obama said that business owners did not build their business and that successful people became that way thanks to someone else.

Romney should release all his tax returns when Obama shows us his college transcripts.

FYI Matthews makes $5 million per year and has a estimate net worth of $16 million. Someone needs to look into Chris Matthews’ investments and his taxes. Let’s make sure he is paying his fair share.