The girl’s desire is the law. A girl’s desire to receive a portion of rapid sex – this is practically a judicial injunction, mandatory for execution. We will teach you to identify signals when it is necessary to execute a sentence.


The times when the girls could not go on about the carnal instincts long ago disappeared in the abyss of history. By the way, that’s where they belong. Now men have missed the “monopoly” of sex in general and of casual sexual contact. Women all over the world rejoice, but the reaction of men is divided: someone is happy with such a “bonus”, and someone is worried because he is afraid to let his wife or girl go for walks unaccompanied in their own person. Now a sexually mature female can easily afford to go all out with a guy who only a couple of hours ago appeared in her life or even on the horizon.

But how to find out in the crowd of women’s faces and decollete the one that is ready to engage in fast sex without commitment? The result of the evening depends on how quickly you realize that before you there is a Girl Willing to Have Sex and invite her to change the place of location to a more intimate.

In the Club

No decent girl, no matter how vulgar thoughts wander in her space between the earrings, will not hunt for sex alone. Usually such a girl takes a girlfriend with a less attractive … ex-terrier, in tandem with which they play a small theater performance called “just look at us, we know how to have fun.” The whole of this kabuki theater is a frank confession that the girls are ready to party for the last breath. Once in such a women’s company, you must quickly determine the degree of real and fictitious alcohol intoxication of a potential Girl Desiring Sex. If she has been drinking one “Kir-Royale” for half an hour, but at the same time behaving as if she used a dozen “B52”, consider it done without your participation. With the help of this signal, the young lady tells you: “Guy, I’m drunk and available. What are you waiting for? Lead me somewhere where we can have sex. “When the girlfriends will dance, using each other as poles for a striptease, start to rejoice, as the outcome of the evening is predetermined. According to the ancient female tradition, lesbian allusions are the best way to arouse a guy you like. By the way, perhaps you will get a real “strike” and you will leave the club in three. But do not count on it at all.

Hanging Out in a Cafe

We will assume that the skirmish between you and the charming nymph at the next table led to an acquaintance. And now you are talking nicely about the breeding of Yorkshires and the black market of donor organs. What’s next? Continue to disclose state secrets, but watch her carefully. And no matter how the decollete cuts you, look a little higher and concentrate on her neck. The outcrop of this area (tipping the hair back or trying to fix it in a bun) is almost an official invitation to merge into ecstasy. I hope you are not so carried away by surveillance that an awkward pause appeared in the room? Good. Then pay attention, does not she say much more quietly now than when she told you her name? No, this is not a test for the acuity of hearing, she just wants you to move closer to her. The volume of her voice is getting quieter? Congratulations, buddy, you can boldly invite her to your place to see your collection of Chinese service.


If your neighbor on the beach is not a smelling smoked pork tourist from Germany, but a charming girl, you have every chance to become an animator for her evening. You should know: away from home, girls behave much more relaxed. Even if at home they are waiting for extremely jealous husbands who have spent some time in prison for murder or fanatical Baptist parents. A win-win option is a girl shyly covering her face with a love story, where in each paragraph is written about glowing loins and sceptres of love. Such a girl, if she likes you, will begin to show complete helplessness – her umbrella does not dig into the sand, and the bottle with the Coca-Cola does not open and so on. It’s time to demonstrate your manly dexterity. Cope with the umbrella? Get access to the body!

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