Lamar Odom the famous athlete and former NBA player was found unconscious at Nevada’s brothel last month. He might face drug charges as his blood reports were positive for the cocaine test. The antagonized husband of Khloé Kardashian’s was hospitalized on 13th October 2015, as the staff of Love Ranch South found Odom senseless in the room.

One of the employees of Brothel revealed to the emergency services dispatcher that Odom had taken cocaine just couple of days before the incident occurred. After that police got a search warrant for Odom’s room and also took blood sample from him. The report showed the presence of cocaine in the system of Odom.

After getting enough proofs, District Attorney of the case is planning to charge Odom guilty for taking drugs.

“The Nye County Sheriff’s Office has now asked the Nye County District Attorney’s Office to review a request for prosecution against Lamar Odom for Use of, or Under the Influence of, a Controlled Substance,” Nye County District Attorney Angela A. Bello told People magazine in a statement.