6 Years old Penelope Disick was happy and smiling when she was about to get out with her 36 years old mom Kourtney Kardashian. That was until she got smashed in the face by a car door. The sweet little girl was photographed crying her eyes out on the ground after her accident with the vehicle’s door. We feel horrible for you baby, hope you will recover soon.

As soon as she hits the pavement, her nanny quickly sprung to action to scoop her up. As for her mom, she was busy getting herself into the car first while her daughter trailed behind her. While Penelope is taking doors to the face, her father is getting drunk and texting. During the season 10 finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney reveals that while Scottish Disick was in France partying, he was drunkenly sending messages to their child.