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Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin Have Wedding Fever at the Something Borrowed Premiere!

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Kate and Ginnifer Have Wedding Fever at the Something Borrowed Premiere!

Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin reveal their own engagement and baby joy while the whole cast has wedding fever at Something Borrowed premiere!

I’m Lauren, and this is your PopSugar Rush!

Kate Hudson: “There’s something about it, the good luck movie about infidelity.”

Ginnifer Goodwin: “There was something in the water that made everyone fertile and love seeking.”

There’s just something about Something Borrowed! Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin and the rest of the cast stepped out in LA last night for the movie’s premiere and we were out on the blue carpet to chat with all the stars.

Pregnant Kate glowed in a flowing yellow Versace gown with a sexy cut out back as she made her way down the carpet, while her costar Ginnifer chose a form-fitting Herve Leger by Max Azria dress to pair with her fun and spiky hairstyle. But Kate and Ginnifer couldn’t stop talking about the good luck that the movie has brought them — they’re both engaged!

Kate made the big announcement on the Today show just last week, and her costar Ginnifer is engaged to marry actor Joey Kern. But they’re not the only members of the cast planning weddings. Costar Ashley Williams gave us the full rundown of the very bizarre coincidence.

Ashley Williams: “I’m getting married in three weeks, the director’s getting married in two weeks, Kate’s having a baby, Ginny’s getting married, everybody’s getting married! John got married last summer. it’s like amazing.”

That only leaves costar Colin Egglesfield. So does he have plans to get engaged anytime soon?

Colin Egglesfield: “Ask me in about a month. I’m not, but we’ll see. Maybe when this movie comes out, things will change.”

“We asked John and Colin if the ladies in their lives were fans of the book before seeing the movie.”

John Krasinski: “I knew it was popular, but not until we were shooting in New York and some guy came up and was like, oh my god, you’re Ethan! Sign my book, and I was like why do you have the book on you? My name is really John, there’s a lot going on!”

John plays the best guy friend to Ginnifer Goodwin’s character in the film, which he revealed wasn’t too much of a stretch for him.

John: “Growing up, I was definitely the shoulder to cry on, rather than the dude to kiss when you’re upset.”

As for Kate, she told us she really enjoyed taking on someone totally different as self-obsessed bride Darcy.

Kate: “She’s not the likable character, so for me, it was really fun to play. It leant itself to some really good comedy.”

If Something Borrowed is as big a hit on the big screen as the book, the entire cast may be coming back for a sequel! The director revealed that there’s already talk of adapting Emily Giffin’s follow up “Something Blue”, but for now, watch I’m a Huge Fan Kate Hudson as Kate’s biggest fan meets the star and reenacts scenes from the movie itself!

Something Borrowed arrives in theaters this Friday.

Verity Hannigan

The female kingpin of celebritynews.io, she is sulking so hard cuzz she was not born on the red carpet with cocktails in her hand, so she decided to write about them instead ^___^IN SHORT: This B*tch makes the news flip!

  1. dukenthaylor

    June 11, 2011 2:57 am

    Wow! Ginnifer Goodwin is SOOOOOOO beautiful!
    But…Hilary Swank is there, too!
    And she only won TWO OSCARS! What a diss! Oh, well…
    Anyway, wouldn't Ginny play an OUTSTANDING Sarah Palin? Thumbs up 2 agree!

  2. Jojo Lau

    June 18, 2011 11:41 am

    wait i thought Ginni and Joey broke up…

  3. Emma T...

    June 3, 2012 10:28 pm

    they did… this was a long time ago 🙂

    Josh Dallas and Ginnifer are dating now 🙂

  4. GottaFindYou54

    June 21, 2012 2:32 am

    Colin is hot!

  5. Angie Torres

    September 25, 2013 11:23 pm

    Kate Hudson Looks truly Beautiful !<3

  6. Albino Marín

    March 1, 2017 6:14 pm


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