THE GRAND FINALE IS HERE! Can Jon possibly take on the most wretched piece of Star Wars media in the galaxy?

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Director/Actor/Writer – Jon Jafari
Producer – Lauren “Elle” Williams (
Director of Photography – Steve Failows (
Writer – Zach Hadel

Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets – Michael Azzi (
Original Score (For StarCade Episode 9) – Chris O’Neill (
Visual Effects – Pete Polyakov

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Palpatine Actor – Gordon Tarpley (
Palpatine/Vader Voice – Mick Lauer
George Lucas Voice – Piotr Michael (
Darth Vader – Arin Hanson (

Special Thanks to:

George Lucas for please don’t sue me also I love you!
Arin Hanson for dressing as Darth Vapor and making me play Star Wars games for 10 months!
Ross O’Donovan + Holly Conrad for epic dance mo3vs.