Our famous Johnny Depp started viewing Benedict Cumberbatch as his brother after working in a film Black Mass with him.

Johnny was once nominated in the best actor category at the Oscars. Johnny got more fame recently after his role in his latest film as a gangster “Whitey Bulger”. After working with his sibling in the film, Billy describes Johnny as a “very beautiful person with exceptional heart”.

“He became like a real-life brother,” Johnny told the BBC. He said that after working in the film he started viewing Billy as his brother. They both kept meeting on various family dinners and went out to parties, even after completion of the film. Although both the actors played opposite roles in the film in which one was a politician and the other was an underworld king.

In the film, the Bulger runs for about 16 years in his life and after that is sentenced to life imprisonment in the year 2013. He did a lot of crimes in his life which included 11 murders and racketeering. Despite his cruel character of a murderer in the film, Johnny tried his best to show the humanity of the Bulger to the audiences with his work and showed that he became a murderer after facing a lot of violence in his life.

In the career of acting Johnny did a variety of roles in big films and had experience of working with big stars of the Hollywood. He had won the Best Actor trophy at the Academy Awards.