Hollywood actor Joel Edgerton believes that it is very easy to forget who you are when you are working in the film Black Mass.


The famous Australian star worked as an FBI agent John Connolly in the film. The story of the film is based on the life of gangsters. Johnny Depp worked as a gangster ‘Whitey’ Bulger in the film. Despite filming a character about law, Joel was impressed with the crime related scenes in the film.

Joel believes that sometimes it looks very difficult to understand that how someone gets swayed in a very short time. But it happens usually.

“There’s a situation in life, and I’ve had it myself, where you’re going down a series of events and you look up and look back and go: ‘I am that person; how did I become that person?'” he explained in an interview with Britain’s The Guardian newspaper. He said that all the events he faced in his life are linked to each other. He loves his life’s journey.

In the film Black Mass, Whitey is supposed to be the informant of the FBI agent John. But later, John started leaking some specific information to the gangster. Joel was very influenced by his character who also brings effective changes in his life.

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