Jiu-Jitsu VS The World


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A film about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the positive effects it has on people.

“It’s not a sport, it’s not a martial art, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of living, it’s a way to improve your life.”

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French Subtitles by Gabriel Bonvalet of ‘Association Aranha Jiu Jitsu Toulouse’ Contact:gabonval@hotmail.fr

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Aditya Iswarabhawa

Great Video, love the sport, love the people, greetings from Bali

Dude needs to buckle up.

77 yrs old, 3 yrs on the mat and a purple belt? Hespect brother

Gracias por traducirlo. bjj por siempre

Vinicius Lemos Guerra Santos

O jiu jitsu é brasileiro, grande parte do publico do jiu jitsu tbm. Acho que ao pelo menos deveria ter uma legenda em português. Esse é o jiu jitsu cada vez mais americanizado, a maior parte das coisas sobre o jiu jitsu está saindo em inglês sem legenda

Powerful , Orlando's words at the end !!! Powerful and real talking . Oss , thank u for this masterpiece.

Scott Lazzarotto

i rarely comment on videos, but thank you for this. i was considering taking up a martial art for fitness and health reasons and this video has sold me on jiu-jitsu. its an amazing piece this documentary. thanks again for sharing this with us.

luismiguel andrew

I thought this would be a documentary on the sport, but it is more a publicity video haha

"But!... but!... Jiu-Jitsu is for pussies... why don't you stand up and get brain damage like a real man!"

Jorge Moreira Estrada

cuando va a estar disponible en español?