Actress Jessica Chastain and her co-star Tom Hiddleston did not party hard on the sets of Crimson Peak, as they were not up to it and had already been jet lagged. But the two were joined in a spooky kind of flick by Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam. Despite the A-list line-up, the cast behaved mannerly . “It wasn’t a lot of on-set shenanigans or partying, because it was really exhausting and difficult,” Jessica recalled to America’s Star magazine.

The gloomy shoot was about to ruin Jessica’s birthday too, but the redheaded actress made sure that one event should not effect the other. Jessica turned 38 in March 2015, and at the time, was surrounded by the people she loved and cared about. She admitted that she is not one of those beings who love to celebrate their hatch days and throw birthday bashes, but she was just so gloomy from playing this woman’s character that she had to make about 12 people fly all over the United States to Toronto for the weekend of her birthday,” she smiled. “It was amazing and really special, and they completely brought sunshine with them.”