The famous Hunger Games series celebrity Jennifer Lawrence is going to compete with her friend Amy Schumer at the Golden Globes.

She is a 25 years old star and takes on her BFF in the category of “Best Actress Award in Comic role” at the ceremony of 2016 awards. She was nominated for her brilliant acting as a character “Joy”. Her friend Amy was nominated for her comedy role in “Trainwreck”. Both the stars are happy on getting nominated in the big award ceremony.

However, Jennifer is thinking to make some fun on the red carpet of the award ceremony.
“I know that was odd… I’m excited that it will actually be fun,” she told Extra. “Who would have thought if you looked at my movie and you look at her movie, it would be in the same category, but I’ll take what I can get. Maybe we can start arm wrestling.”

Amy is 34 years old. Jennifer and Amy became friends earlier this year. They both were enjoying a raucous holiday in the Hamptons in this summer, where they first met and became friends at a shorter time.

“We are dunzo, we are ready to go,” Jennifer told the news show, before elaborating on her friendship with Amy: “I just wrapped a lasso around her and said, ‘Come on little lady, you’re coming with me’.”