The famous Oscar winner Jared Leto is going to sue “” website for publishing a video which was alleged to be stolen.

The Hollywood actor filed a case related to copyright lawsuit against the famous news website’s executive team. He explained in his case that the video which is released on their website was about aim at female celebrity Taylor Swift’s music, which is an illegal act.

In the video, Leto and an engineer poked holes in songs on Swift’s 1989 album before the Dallas Buyers Club star says, “I mean, f**k her… I don’t give a f**k about her.”

The video went viral on the internet on 7th December 2015, which made the fans of Swift angry. The fans demanded an apology from Leto. Leto responded and said that Taylor is an amazing star, he apologizes for hurting Taylor and her fans with that video. He said that he really respects Taylor a lot.

After that Leto claimed that the video was stolen and he had not posted it on the internet.     Announcing the legal action in a statement, Leto writes: “Last Sunday, I was alerted that TMZ had acquired personal and private video footage of me in my home and that they were planning to leak it on their site. My team notified TMZ immediately that I fully owned the footage and that their source had absolutely no rights to sell it. They chose to post it anyway”.