How To Be A Wicked Movie Witch with Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz


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Oz The Great And Powerful actresses Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz give Total Film a masterclass in how to be a wicked witch in the movies.

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Zaneta Girazova

she's a really bad actress

Milla Kunis is a really bad actrees I wanted her to make me feel the pain of a hartbreak, her acting is so limited and besides having very big pretty eyes I would say overrated as a beauty in hollywood ,

She said she wanted to make the character relatable??? Bad choice. IMO I thought Mila Kunis was terrible as the wicked witch.

The end of the movie screams SEQUEL

It's not a "Who could do it better" contest. Mila Kunis and Margaret Hamilton each approached the role in their own ways. We don't know what "The original witch" was like from the beginning, the 1939 film says nothing about what she was like before Dorothy came. I think if Margaret Hamilton were alive today, she'd be pleased with Kunis's performance.

Mila Kulo can't hold a candle to the original witch..Kunis was fake through the whole film..The original witch was a bitch from the beginning..Kunis acted it too much..The original didn't even need CGI.

Mr Possiblities

I love how Mila Kunis takes the interview with a lot of sense of humor and irony, so she can handle all those incredibly stupid questions she gets asked.

Rachel Weiz and Mila Kunis are the hottest in Hollywood right now

wov mila

Daniel J. Turrell

I'm sorry but please for the love of GOD get a more enthusiastic interviewer. 1:14 the question is thrillingly executed.