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Once again, you demanded it! In honor of the Blu-ray and DVD release, we present Honest Trailer: Hunger Games. Relive the gritty brutality of the hit book as a watered down, PG-13 tween movie and may the odds be ever in its favor! #HonestTrailers

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Honest Trailer – The Hunger Games
Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Executive Producer Mitch Rotter
Written by: Brett Weiner, Jason Matthews, Dan Perrault & Andy Signore
Edited by Brett Weiner
Voiceover Narration by: Gannon Nickell
Music by Sean Motley

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Yes, this, "Much hotter guy" was born the same country as me, SUCK IT AMERICANS


One epic thing the movie was missing was Madge....You can't say you love the Hunger Games unless you can tell me who Madge is -_-

Lauren Van Daalwyk

Do Allegiant Please!!!!!

Imitation Infinity

This movie did NOT do the book justice...

I'll give you that one, it really doesn't show the hunger part at all during the games. Wait Peeta had an amputation? I read the books and I don't remember that xD

he forgot to mention Madge when he was doing the not starring part.

lol..."the rich dress like second rate lady gagas"

"Its basically just a rip off of Battle Royale." I love the Hunger Games but if I wasn't already subscribed that would've gotten me There. I love this dude.

i hate the hunger games what a dumb movie