One of our oldest and most popular comic heroes is the Phantom, created by Lee Falk as a daily newspaper strip in 1936. Falk, who also gave us Mandrake the Magician, was impressed by the success and popularity of Tarzan and sundry caped heroes, and decided to give us a strip about a costumed crimefighter who works out of a skull-shaped cave in the African jungle. The strip went on to Sunday color comics in 1939, and though Falk died in 1999, both the dailies and Sunday strips are still running. Phantom’s stories have been published in all kinds of languages around the world, and also appeared in short stories, comic books, graphic novels, movies, Saturday serials, and TV. He’s still extremely popular overseas. in places like Brazil, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, India, Denmark, Great Britain, Australia, and Spain.