Heather Locklear who is a very old friend of Charlie Sheen sends a support message to him about the disease HIV from which he is suffering. British newspaper “The Sun” first gives the news about that one of the renowned Hollywood actors suffering from HIV. They did not mention the name of the celebrity but provided enough clues from which anyone can guess the name of the celebrity.

On 16th of November 2015, it was announced that on 17th the famous celebrity Charlie is going to reveal some secrets regarding his health on the TV show. Some people already knew that Charlie would be breaking the news about HIV disease from which he was suffering. The TV show was hosted by Matt Lauer and Heather who are very close to Charlie from many years.

“My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family,” she posted on Instagram alongside a picture of herself with the actor. Adult start Bree Olson who is Charlie’s ex-girl friend said that she is very worried about Charlie’s health after hearing rumors about the HIV disease.

Bree posted on her official Twitter account that it is a very stressful job to give the tests of HIV for several hours to get the results. On Facebook, Bree wrote that although she broke up with Charlie month ago but she didn’t have any idea about his disease. She requested people not to ask weird questions and respect his privacy.