Currently the news of Hayden Panettiere has been hitting headlines, to which Gwyneth had to say something, she shared that its not a bad thing to be diagnosed with  postpartum depression and getting checked in to a facility for its treatment is even a good news, and the person should be motivated, rather than shamed.

Gwyneth Paltrow says: In [my case] was low grade enough that I didn’t have to be hospitalized, but it’s a very debilitating thing, and I think there’s so much shame around it and there shouldn’t be,” Gwyneth told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s something that happens, it’s something that befalls many women after they have a baby.

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So I try to wrap [my head around] the whole thing, and even at the time, it was very difficult to go through, that it was happening. It was in my life for a reason and I tried to use that opportunity to try to really get in there and heal some stuff.”