Godzilla King of Monsters (2019) – Q&A


Godzilla King of Monsters (2019)

So this video I answer questions from you, the viewer, from my first Godzilla video from earlier this week. Feel free to keep the Godzilla related questions coming in the comment section here for next weeks Godzilla videos.

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I want Angirasu, that's all.

I would like Ghidorah to be more snakelike more like a three headed snake with lizard legs and Wings looking like a Chinese Dragon that would be a cool design Rob.


I spect that...
-King Ghidorah is an inter-galactic alien, menber of a extrimily power FULL race of monsters used as bio-weapons by many Alien races for destroy or conquer Worlds.

-Mothra is ancient race of moths that live alonso side with Godzilla and Rodan in the precambric period wich are the encarnation of a goddess that protects all live of any menace cofcofghidoracofcof, all of it as part of the mithology of an ancient civilitation now desapered witch only remanings are a few decends in an island some where in the pacific ocean.

-Rodan is ancient creature witch all Pheterosaurus decends and also live along side with Godzilla, Mothras, MUTOS and any other rango shit cofcofanguiruscofcof during the precambric age.


COME ON!!! Zilla can be badass too!!! just read Godzilla Rulers Of The Earth, he even surprise Godzilla with his/her power in combate!!!

Great video as always, keep it going man! You have great knowledge of godzilla and film in general.

Thank you for answering my question.

did read a little plot of the movie which said Godzilla must restore balance against King Ghidora

or do you think a huge pacific rim enter with godzilla reaking havoc on everthing

do you think they will cross king kong and godzilla or godzilla and pacific rim?

Michael Kobrinetz

I believe the King Kong vs. Godzilla Movie in 2020, will take a similiar route, the Batman Superman Movie Dawn of Justice took fighting Doomsday. King Kong, Godzilla fight it out, then another Monster thats stronger than them appears, (example King Ghidorah) King Kong, and Godzilla team up, too beat this Monster, and make it one epic Movie. What do you think Rob?