This time on Take It or Leave It Reviews, Chad reviews “Everest”, which captures the tragic true events that occurred on May 10-11, 1996 in which several climbers lost their lives as an unexpected and powerful blizzard slammed Mt. Everest during their decent. “Everest” stars Jason Clarke, Keira Knightly, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Hawkes, Michael Kelly, Emily Watson, and Sam Worthington!

TIOLI Reviews’ Grading Scale:
5.0 – I’ll be spending so many nights at the theater seeing this flick that my wife might become suspicious, I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!
4.5 – Blu-ray release is too far away, so I’ll be seeing it again in theaters!!
4.0 – I’ll definitely see it again when I BUY it
3.5 – I’ll definitely see it again when I RENT it
3.0 – I’ll eventually see it again on NETFLIX
2.5 – Waste of $11, wish I waited to RENT it for HALF the price
2.0 – Waste of $11, wish I waited to stream it on NETFLIX for FREE
1.5 – Considered walking out, but I was compelled to finish it
1.0 – Maybe it’s for another crowd, but I wish I NEVER saw this…EVER!
0.5 – I can’t recommend this pile of s#%! to ANYBODY!!