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End Credits Music from the movie “Bad Boys”

End Credits Music from the movie Bad Boys


Marcus Burnett is a hen-pecked family man. Mike Lowrey is more of a loose cannon. They are partners on the Miami Police Department, and they are about to take on a highly dangerous case. 100 million dollars in heroin, from the biggest drug bust of their careers, is stolen from police headquarters. Now, they have 72 hours to reclaim the heroin before the Internal Affairs Division gets involved. This puts Mike and Marcus hot on the trail of a French drug kingpin named Fouchet. Mike asks Maxine Logan, a hooker he knows, to keep an eye open for high rollers. Later, she gets a call from a guy who’s high on drugs and wants to spend $2000. Maxine asks her best friend Julie Mott to tag along with her to the home of former cop Eddie Dominguez. Julie is not a hooker but the guy’s so out of it that they’ll be out of there with the money in just minutes. But at Dominguez’s house, Fouchet kills Maxine. Julie witnessed the murder, so she contacts the police. But Julie, who doesn’t know what Mike looks like, is willing to talk only to Mike. Mike is not around, so Marcus is forced to pretend to be Mike, and when Mike returns, he’s forced to pretend to be Marcus. Marcus is a family man who has a wife named Theresa and three kids named James, Megan, and Quincy, while Mike is not, so this is not a very close fit. Mike and Marcus’s pursuit of Fouchet kicks into overdrive when Fouchet’s henchmen kidnap Julie right out from under their noses.

Britney Shephards
Britney Shephards

I have a very loud laugh ( so *they* said) and a penchant for cocktail rings (the bigger, the better). It would be wise not to test me on Sex and the City trivia. Funnel muffins are the way to my heart.

  1. Carlos Aguilar

    April 21, 2017 11:30 am

    What about the Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films logo (print logo) at the end of the movie?

  2. Tevin Alston

    April 21, 2017 11:30 am

    Thanks for posting this

  3. Tuttigiu

    April 21, 2017 11:30 am

    1. 69 Boyz – Five O Five O (Here They Come)
    2. Warren G – So Many Ways (Remix)
    3. Inner Circle & Tek – Bad Boys Reply

    "chi fa da se fa per tre"….. all in the soundtrack anyway.

  4. Tuttigiu

    April 21, 2017 11:30 am

    NAMES ?

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