Working as a personal trainer calls for a lot of patience. It is, on the other hand, a great job, for one can always be in the process of learning and gaining experience. It has a wide scope for an interested person, and is a great career option.


The workplace of a personal trainer differs, as he might have to visit different places depending on the demands of his customer. His work environment is not restricted just to the gym, and could include other places like private health clubs, commercial health clubs, medically-based fitness facilities, community wellness centers, personal training studios, physical therapy clinics, retirement/senior centers, YMCAs/JCCs, college or university centers, recreational settings, corporate fitness centers or in-home training.


Depending on the place of work, there could be advantages as well as disadvantages for the trainer. For example, a Commercial Health Club has a great scope of stable income and in fact a good salary too, because Commercial Health Clubs have a great market and a huge chain of clients. However, the scope to develop as a trainer may not be available in such clubs, which run only on the basis of the bottom dollar.


The contradictory case will be found in Non-Profit organizations such as Young Men’s Christian Association or Jewish Community Centers. The trainer might not be paid a very good salary, but generally has an amiable environment, unlike Commercial Health Clubs. The amity of the people might be more preferred by the trainer than the big paycheck.


The best option often stands out to be in-home training. It is the perfect balance between Commercial Health Clubs and non-profit centers. Also, in-home training allows a lot of job flexibility. The trainer himself becomes the boss. He also has greater profits in terms of the money he can earn. The money earned per session is completely the trainer’s income. The state of training and other facilities can also be decided by the trainer himself, such as having your own aircon available. In this case, it is possible to render better services and maintain a better relation with the clients, as the trainer directly deals with client and there are no mediators to complicate things too.


Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of personal training differ from one situation to another. It can often be a good option for a part time job. However, one may as well pursue it for a full time job. It is a great option for stay home parents, who can easily manage it on the side because of its flexibility. It also provides variety as the trainer can choose the place he wants to work at or the people he wants to work with and also the terms and conditions he thinks he will be comfortable with.

Personal trainer is thus, a great job for those with the caliber. There are hardly so many jobs that allow a person to have so many choices. If one has the will, one should definitely go for this job!