Dark Shadows movie review


Johnny Depp plays a vampire in the 1970s in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”. Jeremy gives you his review.

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Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate


I'd have to say Blade. I would say Alucard but to this day, to me there's nothing cleaver about naming your main vampire protagonist "Dracula" backwards.

Eric Northman(True Blood)
Klaus and Elijah Mikealson (The Originals)
Damon Salvatore(The Vampire Diaries)

Didn't Tim Burton just break up with Helena Bonham Carter? He should hook up with Johnny Depp. I mean, you know it's going to happen inevitably. 

To me the worst thing is how many people don't realize that this movie was based off of a vastly superior (in my opinion) dark gothic horror soap from the 1960's. There the vampire Barnabas was played by the late great Jonathan Frid, and his portrayal of a dark, dangerous, but ultimately sympathetic creature of the night with great character depth was fantastic.

i hated this movie
2 good things tho;
eva green is a beautiful woman
i laughed at the mcdonald's sign scene
that's it, for the rest it was utter shit and just the same old crap like every other tim burton film;
danny elfman, johnny depp, helena bonham carter, ridiculous plot, greyscale, macabre, porn for goth and emo kids, ...

Duckula was best vampire


Jerry from the Orginal Fright night

Klaus Mikaelson from the Originals... Okay he is a hybrid which means he is half wolf and half vampire. But still he is my fav.

Magnus from the Anne Rice book series.