Hispano-German actor, believes that women are stronger than women, so he is not sure surprised at all for his upcoming movie, Colonia, in which the main lead is a female instead of male,which is Emma Watson.


Women can do it. They are often much stronger than men,” Daniel explained to Germany’s TV Movie magazine. “My mother and my partner have saved me on many occasions! The opportunities in Hollywood that have presented themselves over the past few years have been incredible,” he grinned. “But I won’t forget where I came from. I want to fight for European movies, particularly Spanish and German films.” Not everything Daniel gets is worth doing. He says: “I received a lot of scripts and thought it was amazing that I was allowed to pick from all of these!” he previously said. “But then there are roles among them where you just know that no one has even considered whether you’re a good fit. For example, I’d struggle to play a 50-year-old cowboy from Texas. You have to deduct about 80 per cent from the enthusiasm you get, then it’s about at the level of reality.”